Like a Boss - What we do

At DigiBaapp, we don't take credit for nothing. We only boast about what we do best.
Only what we do "LIKE A BOSS".
We integrate unique and customized designs along with intelligent technology while ensuring that the client’s website or mobile application is error/bug – free and run at an optimum speed.

Like a Boss
Website Boss


We, the digital BAAPPs, go beyond the mundane theories of creating websites. We become spiders for our clients and weave a web that sticks together business growth, creativity and impactful digital presence into one wholesome and good-looking, success magnet of a website.
We know money talks and we do all it takes to uncompromisingly deliver only a high-quality output. Through intuitive SEO and expert web designing, we provide digital solutions that are not only a sight for sore eyes but also prove to be cost-effective.
Our work does not end when we deliver that “drool worthy web interface”, in fact, it truly begins there- being up-to-date with the most innovative technology, we put forth our best efforts to ensure that the websites are user-friendly when it comes to design and powerful content. Our SEO pros and design savages work together to create a radical digital footprint that aims at revolutionizing our client’s brand in accordance with their expectations and ideas.


The world is mobile and we want our clients to be with the world, actually we want them to be ahead- leading. Mobile applications present a real time connect with the brand in terms of consumer touch points along with ease of communication and we, the baapps, are taking over to ensure that our clients always put their best app forward. We ace at interface design, application development and implementation on Android, IOS and Windows and bring to our clients an arrow of an app that shoots straight to their target audience in the most efficient manner.

Mobile Boss
Social Media Boss


We are the daredevils of social media, we are brave and fearless and will do all it takes to take our clients to the next level.We are living in an extremely aware world where if we meet someone who doesn’t use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or even Zomato (i mean come on!) at the least, we look at them with jaws dropped thinking “are you living in the stone age?” Our Digital Baapps are constantly re-loading their weapons with creative ideas that are waiting to be shot out. We combine creative, quirky, out – of- the – box, edgy, funny, colloquial thoughts with innovative visual artistry to create digital posts and moments that engrave themselves into the viewers’, readers’, and / or listeners’ minds.

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing:
Everyone isn’t born a Baapp but everyone has the chance to become one. We make sure to take your brand to the top, and by top, we mean right at the top of targeted searches. We are pros at creating brand associations with the right words- you can rest assured, if your customers are looking for you, you’re all they will see.

Digital Marketing Strategy:
The busy is constantly upgrading and your target market is never motionless. What you need is out – of – the – box thinking.What you need is Digital Baapps – the masters in mattersof the digital world today. We aim through strategy and assure you that the campaigns we create will fire out a revolutionary brand recall that leads to maximum brand reach through a much-diversified digital platform.

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