July 15, 2017

Snapchat’s hot dog is serving the internet freshly well

The little weiner isn’t weirder. If you ever let Snapchat’s butterflies or soap bubbles turn your life into a fun one, then you know how cool the filters are. The New World Lenses that Snapchat introduced them back in April are with 3D characters that you can interact with in the Snaps. In the past couple of months Snapchat surprised its users with rainbows, blossoming flowers, coffee cups and your own Bitmoji, but there’s one character that has become a sensation: the Snapchat Hot Dog.

People have been going creative with this meme. Augmented reality is a technology with so many wonders. The dancing hot dog could easily become a branded creature, tied to your environment but only aware of its own. Snapchat moulds its augmented reality branded characters into your world.

Augmented reality

Facebook recently launched an augmented reality developer platform for its mobile camera app. Apple is pushing into AR with its ARKit. Google is doing the Tango but still dancing in the beginner stages of AR development. To segue smoothly, Snapchat has a dancing hot dog. The near future of augmented reality will be presented through our phones. As Pokemon Go successfully proved — we want to bump into things while staring at the world through our phones.

In this, Snapchat has the right idea. But why a hot dog? The hot dog does not see your world. It only continues to dance to know that it might be alive, that it might have purpose or meaning. Despite its stock price plummeting, Snapchat’s hot dog is dancing around. Whether or not Snap is able to recover from its apparent free fall, the hot dog will continue to exist within a fluctuating dimensional plane.

How to access it?

To access the dancing wiener, open Snapchat and select the front-facing camera. Then tap on the screen and scroll through the filter options until you find the hot dog. From there, simply drag it to whichever part of the screen you’d like, and pinch/expand to resize it.

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