June 23, 2017

E-Commerce Study Of RAW Fresh Juice

Here’s a case study on how an ecommerce entrepreneur explored other communication avenues.

Raw Generation, a raw juice company based in Middletown, New Jersey. Raw Generation makes drinking raw, unpasteurized juice from fresh fruits and vegetables more convenient.

It makes it easier to get the right nutrition every day to benefit from greater health, happiness, and vitality.

After promoting through social media, RAW rebranded the business and got it running on one of the many deal sites. Deal sites worked for them because at a deal site, you are paying for sales, not the possibility of sales. Sales are key. Problems are easier to fix (or go away) when money is coming in.

As they branched out, they looked for other ways to promote that were not necessarily paying for sales but paying for the possibility of sales – Google Adwords, magazine ads, and in-person events to name a few.

When you are starting out in business, resources are often very limited. This is precisely why it is that much more imperative that you create a goal with a deadline and focus every waking moment on achieving that goal. If at the end of the deadline, you feel you need more time, extend the deadline. If at the end of that deadline, you are not seeing results (or the possibility of results) change your goal and refocus.

Major lessons from the founder

1) If it’s not selling, change it.

2) Figure out your options, make an educated guess as to what the most effective way is to generate more sales, and focus all of your attention on it.

3) Set measurable quarterly and yearly goals.

4) Do not spend a lot of time developing products. Go out with a minimum viable product and make small adjustments as you get feedback from customers.

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